10 Must Do Things in Kutch

Kutch, located in west India, is a great place with full of rustic beauty. It is a seasonal island resembling a turtle which is called “Kachua” in local language. Kutch is a land of culture, traditions, and colors. Unlike its flat and dry landscape, Kutch is the producer of India’s finest folk textiles, glittering with exquisite embroidery and mirror work. This district is also famous for White Desert which is also called Rann of Kutch.

Thousands of tourists visit Kutch every year. Some with the pre-planned journey, while some without proper planning due to lack of information. So, today Toran Resort Kutch has decided to post a blog rich of information on Kutch visit. Here is our sincere try to list out top 10 things that every tourist should do while visiting Kutch:

White Dessert – The Great Rann of Kutch
Visiting the White Rann of Kutch is the best done during Rann Utsav. It will be great if you visit it on a fool moon night. Visitors can book good accommodation like Toran Resort Kutch while staying for Rann Utsav Festival.

Visit Darbargadh – Bhuj
There are three palaces in the Bhuj city named, Prag Mahal, Aina Mahal, and Rani Mahal. All of three beautiful palaces were built during 17th to 19th century. Darbargadh is the walled complex that houses these three palaces.

Prag Mahal is the largest palace amongst them and built in the 19th century, while the beautiful Aina Mahal and Rani Mahal were built in the 17th century. All three palaces are must visit for any tourist.

See Wild Ass Sanctuary
This sanctuary is located in the Little Rann of Kutch and the home of the last remaining population of the chestnut-colored Indian wild ass, blue bulls, blackbucks, and chinkara. This Sanctuary is also the site where flamingos breed.

Visit Vijay Vilas Palace
This 19th century palace is a large English house. It is located near Mandvi city and set by a magnificent private beach. The view from the roof is worth the climb, and gardens are full of colorful peacocks.

Walk of the Mandvi Beach
Mandvi city is located 56 km from Bhuj. The Mandvi beach is the most famous in Gujarat. Walking on the seashore and watching sunset here is the lifetime experience.

Feel the Ancient times at Dholavira

If you are have interest in ancient things, Dholavira is the place for you! It is a 5000-year old site which

belongs to Indus Valley Civilization. It has been found in one of largest Harappan Cities in India.

Relax at Vipassana Center

Vipassana center is the world famous meditation center located at Bada village, nearby Mandvi city.

Meditation here retreats the soul in you.

Visit Kutch Museum

Kutch Museum is Gujarat’s oldest museum and has electric and worthwhile displays in it. It has old

weapons, spanning textiles, sculptures, information on wildlife, silverware, geographical information on

Kutch, tribal costumes and artefacts related to Kutch.

Visit Folk Art Museum

Located 700m south of the Kutch Museum, this museum has eye-catching displays on Kutch’s culture

and traditions. It includes Rabari Bhungas, Stone and wood carvings, musical instruments and much



If you are an adventure lover, than this will definitely be an amazing, unexplored place for you. Than is a

laid-back place to explore the surrounding hills where one can trek and enjoy a hint of basil and

marigold in the air.

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