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Are you a person who loves safari adventures ?

Then kutch is the best place to explore the various variety of specie that has been reserved into the wild life sanctuaries here.
Let us have a short trip here itself …





Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Great Rann of Kutch, Kutch district, Gujarat, India, and it was declared a sanctuary in February 1986. The great white rann is one of the largest seasonal saline wetlands in India.
You will be surprised to know the fact that by the month of October and November every year, the rain water slowly dries up into the wetlands and the entire area turns into saline desert which makes rann the great white rann of kutch.

It seems like snow on land has been collected and spread in the entire desert. Hence the name given is the white desert.




Have you ever been to the famous “Flamingo city” at kutch ?
Just imagine the beauty of thousands of different varieties of flamingo landed at a single place, the view can only be offered at the mud flats of kutch. It offer’s the greatest flamingo nest in the world.
It encompasses a true saline desert where thousands of Flamingo’s nest and breed in the world famous ‘Flamingo City’. The sanctuary also supports wide variety of water birds and mammalian wildlife.





Animals Species reserved at kutch
The Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary is inhabited by a wide variety of wild animals like hyenas, foxes, wolves, and chinkaras.


Many timid and harmless spiny-tailed lizards, with their typical hide and run activity are found in abundance in this sanctuary. Chinkara, fox, hyena and nilgai are also in abundance and there are some occasional sightings of caracal also. Apart from number of resident and migratory birds including raptors, Houbara bustard is also seen here.


Existence of Jurassic and Cretaceous era at kutch
The sanctuary has been reserved some rare glimpses of species that can be discovered ever into the world . It has embedded the Jurassic and Cretaceous rocks on Khadir, Kuvar and Pachchham bets, are plenty of fossils of vertebrates, invertebrates and plants like flora and fauna.

Other then that, there are the records of recovery of fossils of dinosaurs, crocodiles (of Dinosaurian period) and whales (of tertiary period). Fossilised forests have also been found in the rocks belonging to Jurassic and Cretaceous eras.


Various wild Life Sanctuaries at kutch
1. Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary
2. Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary
3. Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary
4. Kutch Bustard Sanctuary
5. Banni Grasslands Reserve
6. Chari-Dhand Wetland Conservation Reserve


Besides these listings, kutch has extended its wild life sanctuary area on the opposite side of the border in Pakistan, the Rann of Kutch Wildlife Sanctuary preserves 566,375 hectares over there.

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