Why Kutch is recognized as the mightiest art hub in Gujarat ?

You will be amazed to explore the exclusive variety of crafts that is created since decades in the cultural land of kutch.

The people of kutch have got magic in their hands, their artwork will left you surprisingly astonished. After reading this article you will know all the things you need to know about kutchi craft. Lets begin…

Here are few of the work that is exported worldwide to different countries from kutch.

  1. Bandhani Handwork:


Bandhani is one of the most famous art work which is popular in kutch. It is also known as tie and dye craft of kutch. Do you the procedure of how its made? you will not belive if i will tell you the fact that it is made by using a thread, you want to how check out the procedure.

The technique of tightly winding a thread around a section of cloth, dyeing it, and then removing the thread to reveal a circular resist motif has remained the same since bandhani was first practiced. Now it is the most sailed product in kutch.

  1. Kutchi Embroidary:


Kutch is renowned for its fine folk embroideries. Embroidery is one of the few crafts of Kutch done primarily by women. And, it is also done in bags, footwear’s, home decor accessories and etc.

  1. Block Print Artwork:


In kutch there are a variety of block printing done in the fabrics such as Ajrakh block print which is the most popular print, batik print and bela print which is nowday’s rare in the market.

It is done by using blocks that are designed with different pattern and texture and then applied it on the cloth after drying up the cloth is ready to sent in the market.

  1. Wood Carving Artwork:


You will see a wide range of shaping wood art carved to give a cluster of different products. From Furniture’s to kitchenware you can buy the best wooden items by visiting to kutch.

Next time you visit Gujarat, can’t miss to visit kutch to take away few of its tradition with you.

  1. Rogan Kala:


Have you heard about kachcchi Rogan kala ? it is the finest art work in fabric that gives classic touch.

Can you belief if i say that the above fabric pattern has been painted by using Rogan kala. Rogan is the technique of painting on fabric, crafted from thick brightly coloured paint. The artisan folds his designs into a blank fabric, thereby printing its mirror image. In effect it is a very basic form of printing


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